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Alumni eNewsletter - Phoenix Rising

The USQ Alumni eNewsletter, Phoenix Rising, is distributed regularly to alumni. If you are not receiving the eNewsletter and would like to, please register to ensure your details are current, by updating your details.

Featured in the June 2015 issue:

  • USQ alumna tells of the horror of the Nepal earthquake
  • Concannon College alumni celebrate 30 years
  • Three lessons for business success
  • 10 reasons why you should become a mentor
  • Top tips for networking

Featured in the May 2015 issue: 

  • Award-winning alumnus headlines USQ Bookcase 2015
  • USQ degree takes alumnus from Toowoomba to Thailand
  • Alumna in the Spotlight: Holly Hill
  • Great Alumni Benefits
  • Where is your testamur? Poll Results
Featured in the April 2015 issue:
  • USQ’s youngest bachelor's graduate
  • Father and son share USQ graduation success
  • Alumni in the News
  • New alumni discounts
  • Poll: Where is your testamur?

Featured in the March 2015 issue:

  • USQ women shine on International Women’s Day
  • Shine shout outs: Celebrating our alumnae
  • USQ alumna's success brings peace and harmony
  • Alumna in the Spotlight: Caitlyn Gribbin
  • USQ Bookcase is Back!

Featured in the February 2015 issue:

  • What does being a USQ alumnus mean to you?
  • USQ alumnus appointed to senior UN position
  • At the top of his game
  • Phoenix Forevers
  • Alumnus of the Year Nominations Open

Featured in the January 2015 issue:

  • USQ Shine: Celebrating our alumnae
  • Vice-Chancellor's 2015 Welcome
  • Alumni in the News
  • Reunions: We want you!
  • Write for Phoenix Rising

Featured in the December 2014 issue:

  • 2014 It's a wrap!
  • Reunion Poll Results
  • 2014 Chapters in Review
  • 2015 Alumni Events
  • Miss an issue?

Featured in the November 2014 issue:

  • USQ a family affair for the Scheerers
  • Mother and daughter make USQ study a double act
  • Pursuing the art of excellence: Ashleigh Campbell
  • Alumnus in the Spotlight: Ben McHugh
  • Where in the World...?

Featured in the October 2014 issue:

  • USQ reunions forty-five years in the making
  • USQ alumnus sings to his heart’s content
  • Much ado about USQ alumni
  • Shakespeare Festival: Wherefore art thou?
  • Chapter in Focus: Vietnam

Featured in the September 2014 issue:

  • USQ's second-ever student reminisces early days
  • From learner to lecturer: Vasenai Kereni
  • Business not so taxing for USQ alumnus: David Kloeden
  • Top five postgraduate study concerns
  • Where in the world...?

Featured in the August 2014 issue:

  • Outstanding & Young Alumnus of the Year: David Burton
  • International Alumnus of the Year: Dr Georges Ulrich
  • Professional Alumnus of the Year: Aletha Ward
  • Community Service Alumnus of the Year: Ricky Mead
  • Indigenous Service Alumnus of the Year: Irene McBride

Featured in the July 2014 issue:

  • USQ Bookcase a huge success
  • Meet the author: Lea Scott
  • Alumni in the News
  • Chapter in Focus: Hong Kong
  • 2014 Alumnus of the Year breakfast invitation

Featured in the June 2014 issue:

  • The countdown is on for USQ Bookcase
  • Meet the author: Kylie Chan
  • USQ alumna discovers her voice: Jill St Clare
  • Chapter Volunteer Alumnus of the Year: Milton Cheng
  • Meet the 2014 Alumnus of the Year finalists

Featured in the May 2014 issue:

  • Alumni couple share passion for research: Rael Lange and Tracey Brickell
  • Saving farmers, one award-winning project at a time: Alison McCarthy
  • New alumni writers' festival launches: USQ Bookcase
  • Alumna in the Spotlight: Leesa Soulodre
  • Digital Rural Futures Conference
Featured in the April 2014 issue:
  • USQ's ultimate graduate: Tom Otto
  • How to get that job: Sherrill Vanden Driesen
  • The road to Silicon Valley: Sam Moffatt
  • Alumni in the News
  • 7 Great reasons to stay connected to USQ
Featured in the March 2014 issue:
  • Sunny outlook for USQ alumna Angie Asimus
  • Retreating forward with Elysha Rei Gould
  • Perfecting your pitch with Nathy Gaffney
  • Alumna in the Spotlight: Nicola Mead
  • Opening USQ’s Bookcase: Calling all alumni authors
Featured in the February 2014 issue:
  • USQ's first graduates
  • USQ through the years
  • Numbers add up for USQ graduate William Laird
  • Alumnus in the Spotlight: Tom Sherson
  • Phoenix Forevers
Featured in the January 2014 issue:
  • Name our eNewsletter winner announced
  • Message from Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students & Communities)
  • USQ Alumni in the News
  • Meet the Alumni Team
  • Peak2Park Fun Run

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