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Nursing bursaries

In 2010, the University launched a support program which will provide nursing students with financial assistance to encourage rural and remote clinical placements.

Since 1990 the USQ School of Nursing and Midwifery has provided teaching and training to more than 5200 nursing students. Over the past 25 years, USQ nursing enrolments have continued to increase, with more than 1,250 student nurses currently enrolled in a range of nursing programs.

A Bachelor of Nursing takes 3 years to complete, with almost half of the student contact time devoted to clinical practice. This important practice component takes place mostly outside the University in settings such as large general hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, smaller country hospitals, nursing homes, community health services, special clinics and rehabilitation centres.

In 2013 of the 1543 applications, only 270 students received a bursary due to limited funds. Help us fulfil the dreams of our students to become a caregiver, a listener, a learner, a friend, an educator, a team player and a moderator... the backbone of healthcare, a nurse!

Clinical placements

A rural or remote clinical placement for a nursing student provides substantial benefit for the student, for the health service providing the placement and indeed for the rural or remote community.

In 2013 our nursing students:

  • provided more than 184,000 hours of clinical placement time
  • were placed with 108 different healthcare providers throughout Queensland
  • travelled over 250,000 kilometres to attend a clinical placement.

Very often, the students are individuals who came from these areas and are studying nursing with a view to having a career in rural communities where nurses are always needed. A large number of students on these crucial placements must pay for their accommodation and meals, as well as travel to and from remote areas. When this happens they are away from their normal part-time work, unable to earn income and they still have to pay their bills and sometimes support families. This puts enormous financial pressure on USQ students, can increase the burden on local institutions for positions, leads to fewer students seeking placements in rural or remote areas, and in some cases delays or stops completion of a nursing degree.

So what can you do?

Your gift can make the difference between a student staying or quitting. Your tax deductible donation* to the USQ Nursing Clinical Placement Fund is really an investment in skilling and training future nurses, ensuring every student who dreams to be a nurse... can.

Large or small, your gift will ensure more nursing students can complete their training and start their career in caring for thousands of people across Queensland. You can make that difference by making a donation today.