Congratulations on choosing USQ! We understand that moving to a new country and starting university involves a lot of planning, so we are here to support you in every step of your journey.

Step 1 Before you leave home

Before arriving in Australia, read our important information about what you will need to do before you leave home.

Step 2When to come to USQ

To ensure you are fully prepared to commence your studies, you should arrive the day before Orientation begins, which is one week before the start of each semester. If you are coming to study:

  • ELICOS: you should arrive at least a week prior to course start date to get familiar with the university and to organise your accommodation
  • English for Academic Purposes program: you should arrive at least the day before courses start to ensure you are able to attend classes from 9:00am on first day.

Dates for Orientation and study semesters are available on our important student dates calendar.

Arriving late?

If you from arriving after the semester start date, you will require written approval from the University to commence your studies or you may need to defer your studies. Please contact USQ International before leaving your country, to confirm your offer will still be valid.

Step 3Arriving at the Brisbane airport

Book your free transport from the airport when arriving in Australia. Anytime you arrive, we will be there to meet you when you come to study at a USQ campus in Australia.

Step 4When you arrive at USQ

To have the best possible start to your Australian university experience, we can step you through what to do when you arrive at USQ.