Fees and scholarships

When considering studying a program at USQ in Australia, you need to consider:

To assist in paying your fees, USQ also offers a number of International Scholarships and prizes to international students.

Tuition fees

The main cost of university study is tuition fees. Each course (subject) has a fee, which varies depending on what you are studying. Each semester you will only be charged for the courses which you have enrolled in.

We can give you an indication of how much the first year of your university degree will cost. Have a look at our degrees and courses for an estimate of your first year tuition. A full list of course fees is also available.

Student Services and Amenities Fee

In accordance with new Australian Government legislation, you will be charged a Student Services and Amenities Fee to cover services such as employment and career advice, health services, financial advice and other support services. The Student Services and Amenities Fee for 2014 is $35 per unit or a maximum of $281 for eight or more units over three semesters. This Fee is an ongoing cost that is included as part of your tuition fees.