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Preparing your application

You can apply for any of our current career opportunities through our easy-to-follow Online Application System.

To find out more about a position you are interested take a look at the:


The advertisement will provide you with an overview of the position, the team, the location and the important details of any role. You can access the advertisement by clicking on the title of any career opportunity.

Position description

The position description contains a more in depth description of the position and includes details of the selection criteria which you must address when applying for any position at USQ. You can access the position description by clicking on the link either on the main career opportunities page, or within the advertisement.

Application form

You apply online for all career opportunities. You can save your application at anytime during the process prior to the closing date. You can also preview the application form before you complete it.

Starting your application

New users

If you have never applied online to work at USQ before, simply click Begin at the bottom of the advertisement for the career you are interested in.

There are seven steps to complete in the application process and don’t forget that you can save your application at anytime prior to the closing date. Also remember to enter a valid email address as this is how the University will communicate with you about your application.

Previously registered users

If you have previously registered with our online application system or are returning to a saved application, click the Login button on the main career opportunities page to access your profile and/or saved application.

You can access applications for previous positions for which you have applied by logging in and clicking My Profile, and View my application summary.

If you require technical assistance with submitting your application please contact Human Resources.

Completing your application

You will need to address each selection criterion as part of the online application process. Note that you are limited to a maximum of 500 words for each selection criterion.

Additionally, you will need to attach your resume/curriculum vitae prior to completing your application. Note that any attachments are limited to a file size of 5mb and can only be Word of PDF documents.

You will also be asked to provide details of referees. Your referees will be contacted if you are being considered for recommendation for an appointment. Therefore they will need to be able to comment on your skills, capabilities and work performance. Always confirm their willingness to act as a referee before providing their details.

You will receive a reminder email if your saved application is incomplete two days prior to the position closing.

Once you have submitted your application a confirmation email will be sent to your nominated email address to confirm your application has been received.

If you wish to edit your application after submitting it please contact Human Resources.

You may withdraw your application by logging in to the Online Application System, clicking My Profile and clicking Withdraw Application