These quicktips are also available in hardcopy at your local USQ campus. Look also for short clickable multimedia presentations below on some of these topics.

Planning and time management

Planning your semester (PDF* 102 KB)
Planning for your assignments (PDF* 68 KB)

Reading and writing skills

Academic reading (PDF* 69 KB)
The essay - an overview (PDF* 484 KB)
Writing an introduction for an essay (PDF* 66 KB) or Multimedia Presentation
Thesis statements within an essay (PDF* 70 KB) or Multimedia Presentation
Paragraph writing (PDF* 63 KB) or Multimedia Presentation
Grammar & style (PDF* 70kb) or Interactive Modules
Referencing (PDF* 163kb)
Writing grant & scholarship applications (PDF* 121kb)

Graduate qualities and skills

Graduate qualities & skills (PDF* 148KB)

Microsoft Office 2007

Creating hyperlinks to do different functions within Power Point 2007 (PDF* 332kb) 
Excel pivot tables, part 1 (PDF* 185kb)
Excel pivot tables, part 2 (PDF* 300kb)
Excel pivot tables, part 3 (PDF* 249kb)
Excel creating charts and graphs (PDF* 661kb)
Inserting Excel data into a Word document (PDF* 169kb)
Microsoft Word menu bar (PDF* 600kb)
Creating a Power Point presentation (PDF* 212kb)
Improving a good Power Point presentation (PDF* 196kb)
Engaging your audience with Power Point (PDF* 141kb)
Working with shapes (PDF* 222kb)





        Starting your ePortfolio (PDF*784 KB) 
        Columns and general appearance (PDF*746KB) 
        Forums and Journals (PDF*937 KB)  
        Create a collection (PDF*632 KB 
        Adding RSS feeds and videos (PDF* 765 KB) 
        Groups in ePortfolio (PDF 1.25MB)

Lecture and tutorial skills

Lectures & tutorials (PDF* 63 KB) or Multimedia Presentation   
Taking notes from lectures (PDF* 222 KB) or Multimedia Presentation

Assessment skills

Question Analysis and Task Words (for written assignments) (PDF* 59kb) or Multimedia Presentation
Your assignment - the final check (PDF* 76 KB) or Multimedia Presentation
Answering multiple choice questions (PDF* 67 KB) or Multimedia Presentation
Preparing for exams (PDF* 68 KB) - Multimedia Presentation
Half hour PASS strategy (PDF* 59kb) or Multimedia Presentation


Mathematical communication (PDF* 219kb)
Technical communication: tables and figures(PDF*78kb)
Using Microsoft Word 2007 to type mathematics (PDF* 157kb)
Order of operations (PDF* 125kb)
Percentages (PDF* 67kb)
Rounding numbers (PDF* 67kb)
Scientific notation (PDF* 88kb) 
Graphs (PDF*68kb)
Units (PDF*83kb)
Studying maths (PDF*65kb)
Significant figures (PDF*65kb)
Linear equations (PDF*67kb)


*This file is in Portable Document Format (PDF) which requires the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader. A free copy of Acrobat Reader may be obtained from  Adobe. Users who are unable to access information in PDF should contact  LTSU, telephone +61 7 4631 1676 to obtain this information in an alternative format.