Find a research supervisor

USQ research supervisors are renowned and active within their fields of expertise. They are dedicated to providing a high-quality experience for research students.

Research candidates, have at least two supervisors
  1. Principal supervisor - a member of the University's academic staff who has prime responsibility for overseeing your progress including directing your academic work, and ensuring that you submit reports and meet other administrative responsibilities.
  2. Associate supervisor - responsible for assisting the principal supervisor and ensure you have continuity of supervision if your principal supervisor is away. The associate supervisor may be external to the University, although all such appointments must be approved by the Office of Research Graduate Studies following recommendation by the Faculty.

Finding a supervisor

To identify prospective research supervisors who you feel have expertise in your area of interest.

Your relationship with your supervisors will be integral to the quality of your research higher degree student experience. You will be expected to remain in regular contact with your supervisory team throughout your candidature. 

Once your supervisor has indicated their willingness to support your proposed research you will need to formally submit an application for admission into the research program. Please refer to Step 2 on How to apply.

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Professor David Buttsworth
Professor Reid Mortensen
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