USQ research excellence

Research at USQ is integral to our mission to make significant contributions to research and community development.

Agricultural and food science

The Centre for Systems Biology (CSBi) conducts systems biology research, such as the development of varieties of winter cereals with improved tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses. The National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture (NCEA) develops solutions for a sustainable and profitable rural sector with research covering sustainable agriculture, energy use, water resources and food security.

Arts and humanties

USQ conducts research across a range of disciplines, such as history, anthropology and literature, film, television and cultural studies, international relations, public relations, journalism and communications and the performing and visual arts. Core research clusters including: theatre creation to consumption; commemoration and social justice; teaching and learning; and migrant and Indigenous histories.

Astronomy and stellar astrophyscis

Physical science research focuses on observational studies aimed at improving our understanding of the sun and its terrestrial effects by using stars and their planetary systems as proxies. USQ's Mt Kent Observatory with its three telescopes it is an excellent facility. The research group has close collaborations with the Anglo-Australian Observatory and the University of Louisville in Kentucky, USA.

Biomedical research

Biomedical research is a major activity in the Centre for Systems Biology. Analyses of brain activity data generated during anaesthesia or disease states such as dementia and epilepsy are being addressed, along with investigations into systemic pathology are centred on sepsis, infections disease and cancer. A major new research focus is the development of natural product treatments for metabolic syndrome.

Computational engineering and science

The Computational Engineering and Science Research Centre (CESRC) has expertise in solid and fluid mechanics, combustion, electromagnetic machines and systems, geo-mechanics, network and communication. The Centre has an international reputation for excellence in the development of novel computational methodologies for the solution of key problems in engineering and sciences.

Engineered fibre composites

The Centre of Excellence in Engineered Fibre Composites (CEEFC) conducts research in the areas of innovative structures, advanced materials, manufacturing technologies and is a leader in fibre composites in civil infrastructure. Such research made possible the development of the first fibre composites bridge in the Australian road network (located near the village of Coutts Crossing west of Grafton NSW).

Human health and well-being

USQ researchers from the Centre for Rural and Remote Area Health (CRRAH) have worked with Indigenous and rural communities to develop community-based strategies to address lifestyle change to manage chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes and mental health issues. Other health research focuses on information technology with specific expertise in information flow and its role in patient safety and handheld  and next generation technology solutions.

Information systems, computing and communication technology

Reflecting the diverse applied nature of this research area, researchers from the Faculties Business, Engineering and Surveying and Sciences focus on range of research from health informatics to signal processing associated medical engineering to biodata mining with systems level bio-modelling and comparative genomics.


USQ has a new and developing area of research in law, with particular concentrations in areas of international law (international trade, environmental law and the public law area of , coprorations law (corporate and securities industry regulation and governance), lawyers' ethics and environmental law. 

Pedagogical and educational research

Researchers conduct research that promotes and supports learning and teaching across the full spectrum of human development from early childhood to life-long learning. Research is also conducted into varied learning environments, including traditional classrooms, flexible and online learning, and technical and vocational contexts.


Psychology at USQ is highly regarded for its applied research in areas such as sport and exercise, memory, health, organisations, and psychological assessment. Researchers at USQ work with a range of government and non-government agencies.

Sustainable business and development

The Australian Centre for Sustainable Business and Development focuses on accelerating the industrial and commercial utilisation of sustainability innovation. The Faculty of Business has further research expertise in sustainable governance, finance and accounting, corporate sustainability in SMEs, applied resource economics, innovation and strategic thinking and organisational leadership.

Sustainable environmental research

The Australian Centre for Sustainable Catchments focuses on profitability and sustainability in catchment-scale management with an emphasis on sustainable production and water supply systems. The ACSC is a core partner in the National Climate Change Adaption Research Facility (NCCARF) provides USQ with links to the UN-WMO Commission for Agricultural Meteorology and the Commission for Climatology.