Research facilities


Mt Kent Research Facility 

 Mt Kent Research Facility



USQ has access to a number of facilities to assist researchers including: 

USQ eResearch Services

 eResearch is the use of super computing capabilities and massive datasets to enhance research outcomes by facilitating cross discipline collaboration and the creation and sharing of knowledge. eResearch involves the application of advanced information and communications technologies to the practice of research.
eResearch enables researchers to:

  • draw on global perspectives and resources 
  • develop new insights and solutions to complex problems 
  • collaborate with researchers around the globe 
  • expand the scale and scope of research issues that can be addressed.

Enabling technologies in eResearch include: 

  • large-scale data sharing and storage 
  • high speed networks 
  • online collaborative tools 
  • high performance computing for simulations, modelling and visualization

As a founding member of Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation (QCIF) researchers at USQ have access to eResearch services from QCIF. QCIF has deployed and maintains High Performance Computing (HPC) and advanced ICT infrastructure to support Queensland researchers and industry. Researchers at USQ have access to eResearch services and infrastructure supporting the research cycle including:

  • USQ QCIF eResearch Analyst 
  • HPC Support Officer 
  • Research Data Storage Services – QRIScloudCloudStor+ 
  • Research Data Transfer Services – CloudStor 
  • Research Collaboration Services – SeeVogh, Quadrant 
  • Research Data Management Services - ReDBox 
  • USQ High Performance Computing Services: 
      • USQ HPC – (30 node cluster, 240 cores, 480Gb memory, 48TB storage). The facility provides basic operational support and algorithm development and implementation for staff and students to further their research in areas of climate modelling, astronomy and astrophysics, and fluid dynamics for more information please visit the HPC website 
      • QCIF HPC – Barrine (3000+ cores, 3.4TB memory, 2.2PB storage) 
      • NCI HPC – NCI (Raijin
  • Virtual Machines Service – QRIScloudNeCTAR

 Mt Kent Research Facility

Mt Kent Observatory is a facility for astronomical research and education operated by USQ, in partnership with the University of Louisville in Kentucky, USA, and Automated Patrol Telescopes Australia Pty Ltd. The observatory is actively developing its capacity for robotic and remote observing, and currently operates the 30cm O'Mara robotic telescope and a CDK20 50cm remote-access telescope, with a 70cm CDK700 telescope to be commissioned by 2012. The observatory provides USQ students with robotic observing services and traditional on-site student field nights, and is designed to support staff and student research in stellar astronomy and planetary systems. Mt Kent Observatory and Moore Observatory in Kentucky together form an all-sky remote observing project known as the Shared Skies Partnership.

Centre of Excellence in Engineered Fibre Composites facilities

Centre of Excellence in Engineered Fibre Composites (CEEFC) is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to support:

  • materials characterisation ranging from microscopic analyses to environmental impact of materials
  • structural property tests for large samples and structures, typical tensile, compression, shear and impact tests for different samples can be conducted
  • data acquisition systems for deflection measurement, strain gauges and optical fibre sensors
  • computational analyses.

 AeRO Australian eResearch Organisations

AeRo is the association of eResearch organisations of Australia with the following objectives: 

Operate a national association of eResearch providers 

  • Accelerate the development and adoption of eResearch practices, capabilities and standards in Australia 
  • Stimulate and enhance collaboration between and amongst researchers, research institutions and eResearch service providers nationally and internationally 
  • Develop strategies for and coordinate and facilitate improved delivery and support of eResearch services and platforms 
  • Advocate the advancement and adoption of eResearch to researchers, research institutions, government and other organisations

AeRO's participating member organisations include Australia's leading eResearch champions:

AeRO's participating member organisations


The Australian Academic Research Network (AARNet) provides high-capacity leading-edge internet services for the tertiary education and research sector communities and their research partners. AARNet is able to provide access to a variety of services for USQ researchers, including:

  • • inter institution communication and collaboration tools
    • high bandwidth research connections
    • large file transfers (Cloudstor)
    • data storage (Cloudstor +).


USQ participates in eduroam.  Eduroam allows users from participating institutions to gain secure access to wireless network access using their standard username (email format)/password credentials as they do at their home institution for wireless access. If you use the wireless network at USQ and expect to visit other institutions which are eduroam participants please setup your connection to be eduroam ready.


USQ is a member of the Australian Access Federation (AAF). The AAF provides the means of allowing a participating institution and/or a service provider to trust the information it receives from another participating institution. Organisations will benefit from the AAF as it allows researchers to use their home institution Login to access a growing number of participating services and resources.

Glasshouses and controlled environment facilities

USQ’s glasshouses and controlled environment facilities support research in crop disease, plant genetics, agronomy and natural ecosystems.

Molecular science research laboratory

USQ’s molecular science research laboratory employs approaches such as DNA fingerprinting, genetic transformation, gene expression studies and sophisticated microscopy to investigate crop responses to biotic and abiotic stresses.

Inflammatory disease research laboratory

The inflammatory disease research laboratory at USQ is equipped to examine models of chronic human inflammatory diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension and arthritis.