I’m Cath and I’m a USQ researcher. I’m focused on locally based nursing research. One area is looking at the experiences of people living with illness, particularly serious illnesses like cancer. But I also do some work around nursing workforce because you know we have a nursing shortage at the moment. Thirdly and really critically at the moment, I’ve got a joint appointment with Toowoomba health services, so I do evidence based practice research because I’m director of the centre for rural and remote evidence based practice at the hospital. I think that the university is locally focused but wants to be internationally recognised. I think that’s the same for any research that I do, it’s locally based, it’s about making health care better in our area, but at the same time it has to be of an international standard so it can have effects around the world but also be recognised as valuable. I’m very fortunate to have the joint appointment between USQ and Toowoomba health services. And that means I have entry to health care at the local level. I can see the problems that exist and then I can work with clinicians to find solutions to that. And that really drives me forward, I’m really interested in improving patient care. There is huge need for nursing research, nurses’ constitute between sixty and seventy percent of the health workforce and we provide hands on care twenty four hours a day. So what we do makes a difference and we want to know that what we do is the best thing we should be doing. Right from when I was ten, I think I wanted to be a nurse and then my father got really ill and was ill for a long time before he died and I think that cemented my choice. It hasn’t always been the easiest career, nursing hasn’t quite been what I expected it to be. But it’s been the best career you could ever ask for and I just love it.