USQ Research Plan

The USQ Strategic Plan 2013-2015 declared our research strategy of building research capacity, focused research, culture change and fostering research partnerships.

Performing world class research and being recognised for it not only enhances the ability to raise research funds and secure state of the art equipment, it can be the major driver in attracting the best and brightest students to our programs in the highly competitive higher education market. Performing well in research generally raises esteem and reputation, thus over time, building the value of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees awarded.

During the past decade a vibrant research community has emerged within USQ which garnered terrific momentum by the strategies and support implemented during the past few years. Led by Professor Graham Baker, these initiatives included the formation of research centres and the strategic application of funds to specific researchers and projects.

The research plan that follows is the implementation of the research strategy and outlines our direction and initiatives for the next three years. It serves to harness and focus our resources to achieve our research goals of being a national leader in our research priorities, having sustainable externally funded research programs, and effectively communicating the impact of our research to academia, government, industry and the community.

USQ Research Plan