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Shuttle bus timetable

There is a shuttle bus service (PDF 147 KB) to and from the Toowoomba, Springfield and Ipswich campuses. Remember: don't forget your valid USQ Staff or Student ID card as you must be able to present it for eligibility to travel on the bus. This free service is available to all USQ students and staff and you don't need to book, just take a seat! The shuttle service runs all year with the exception of the Christmas / New Year period where it generally pauses the week prior to Christmas and resumes the week after New Year.

Variation to Shuttle Bus Service - Christmas/New Year (PDF *123KB)

Timetables- (Buses run from Monday to Friday only)

Brisbane Bound

Bus No
Toowoomba (depart)
B1 0645 0815 0845
B2 1000 1130 1200
B1 1315 1445 1515
B2 1615 1745 1815


Toowoomba Bound

Bus No
Springfield (depart)
Ipswich Toowoomba
B2 0645 0715 0845
B1 1000 1030 1200
B2 1315 1345 1515
B1 1615 1645 1815

 Where do I catch the bus?

Toowoomba: Allison Dickson bus stop

Ipswich: main bus stop.

Springfield: near Building B.

Can I take packages or baggage?

Yes you can! The buses have trailers and can carry parcels and baggage. Please speak to Stores and Distribution for assistance.

What if there are not enough seats?

Don't worry, we will make a vehicle available to return you to your campus.

Will the buses stop between campuses?

No, the buses will only stop at our three campuses.

More information

If you have any question, please contact us.