Declaration of Results

Notice of Academic Board Election - Ballot Closed

An electronic ballot to elect the following representative to Academic Board is now closed:

  • One female academic staff member from non-faculty organisational units, who does not qualify under categories 3.1.1 to 3.1.6 and 3.1.8 elected by and from the academic staff of the non-faculty organisational units;

The following nominations were received - Naomi Ryan, Trisha Poole, Cristy Bartlett, Amanda McCubbin, Shelley Kinash, Kate Davis

Following the close of ballots, I hereby declare Kate Davis elected to Academic Board for a term commencing immediately and continuing until, but not including, the Academic Board meeting of July 2021.

Any questions or concerns about this election should be forwarded to the Returning Officer Professor Mark Toleman, University Secretary or Ms Tracey Tyers, Secretary (Academic Board).