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Notice of USQ Council Election

USQ Council Election - Ballot Closed

An electronic ballot to elect the following representatives to the Council of the University of Southern Queensland is now closed:

• One (1) Enrolled Student

The following nominations were received:

Student Member - Bernadette Agoston, Emma Baillie, Tiarn Barton-Ilic, Isabelle Chassain, Matheus de Sousa Andrade, Sital Dhakal, Anne Dixon, John Dowling, JoAnne Eagleton, Lauren Exelby, Jed Hall, Chad Johnston, Lachlan Jones, Kirralee Kleidon, Ashley McPherson, Paula Nonn, Carmen Petersen-Cobb, Benjamin Skelton, Nina Sorley, Grant Vickery, Allison Voigt, Noel Willis, Elham Zaki.

Following the close of ballots, I hereby declare John Dowling elected to the USQ Council.

Mr Dowling's term is for two years from 19 April 2021 to 18 April 2023.


Any questions or concerns about this election should be forwarded to the Returning Officer, Professor Mark Toleman, University Secretary.