About the Digital Life Lab

The work of the Digital Life Lab is motivated by the growing phenomenon of individuals and communities engaging with digital technologies in all facets of life: work, play and study.

A new ‘digital lifeworld’ is rapidly emerging, where digital technologies are shaping people’s daily activities and interactions.  People’s lives are becoming inextricably linked to digital technologies in all its forms. From connecting and relating to others, to the way we learn and inform ourselves, and how we engage in pleasure and entertainment, people’s lives are being mediated through and by digital technologies.

The Digital Life Lab aims to establish itself as a leader within the emerging national and international research and practice community studying the nature, impact, opportunities and challenges of people and communities living digitally. A research and practice hub, the Lab explores how digital technologies transform our social relationships and cultural practices, creating new problems but also providing novel opportunities to address societal challenges. The Lab engages in applied discovery and is an incubator of ideas and applications. From the Lab’s research and practice will come the insights needed to inform how people and communities can live digitally.