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Environment and sustainability

USQ is determined to participate fully through its academic and professional contributions, to climate change response and sustainability.

We are committed to improving our environmental performance and have implemented initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint including: 

  • initiating our Sustainable Energy Solution Project
  • adopting green initiatives
  • improving recycling and waste management
  • reducing energy consumption 
  • reducing water consumption
  • introducing green transport initiatives.

Environmental Office

The Environmental Office 'the Lilypad’ depicts USQ’s position and commitment to environmental sustainability and aims to minimise the adverse impact of our activities on the environment.

The Office facilitates initiatives and projects in the area of carbon reduction, waste minimisation, water conservation and environmental management. Centrally located in the quadrangle at USQ Toowoomba, the Office welcomes staff and student drop-in’s, and provides information about how to contribute towards a more sustainable future.

Industry memberships

To foster ties with other institutions engaged in the same activities and to improve information sharing, USQ has attained membership with the following industry organisations:

What you can do

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