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USQ Sustainability pledge

USQ is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and strengthening environmental sustainability across its campuses. Staff and students are invited to show their commitment to creating a more sustainable future by pledging to make changes in their daily activities both on campus and in the home.

To assist you in your sustainability efforts the University will provide everyone who takes the pledge a free KeepCup (PDF 87KB) (a reusable coffee cup).

Take the pledge

I pledge to support Sustainability at USQ by committing to the following actions:


  • Turn off lights and equipment when not in use.
  • Turn off air conditioning when not required.


  • Car pool or alternatively have a Car-free day by either walking, cycling or taking public transport.
  • Avoid business travel where possible and opt for a teleconference instead.
  • Offset your domestic and international travel.

Recycling and waste

  • Place recyclables in the designated bin. At USQ you can recycle many items everyday items such as plastic bottles, glass bottles, cans plastic food containers milk and juice containers newspapers as well as office paper, cardboard, e-waste, mobile phones, batteries, CD/DVD’s.
  • Use a refillable water bottle not only will this reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste it will save you money.
  • Think before you print.
  • Set your printer to double-sided printing.


  • Reduce your shower time to four minutes.
  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth.
  • Report water leaks to Campus Services.


  • Use my KeepCup re-usable coffee cup; which consumes less energy to produce compared to a ceramic mug.

Pledge your support

USQ is collecting the following personal information as asterisked for university purposes of providing its tertiary education and related ancillary services and the associated functions. Your personal information will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent unless required or authorised to do so by law.