Report a concern or incident

For information on where to get help


At USQ, we want safety and respect to be central to university culture. All complaints or concerns are taken seriously and treated with strict confidentiality. Students wishing to raise a concern about inappropriate behaviour they have observed, witnessed or experienced can lodge a formal complaint via student complaint system.


USQ aspires to an organisational climate where all employees feel confident and comfortable about raising concerns or making legitimate and grounded complaints. Employees wishing to raise a concern about behaviour they have observed, witnessed or experienced, relating to sexual assault or harassment, should consult the complaint management framework.

Anyone, including members of the public

Anyone, including members of the public wishing to raise a concern may do so by making a Public Interest Disclosure.

Incidents during university approved activities

If an incident occurs on-campus contact USQ Security at +61 7 4631 2222.

Students who have experienced sexual assault or sexual harassment within the university community can submit a complaint via the student complaint system.

Information and resources are available for employees on how to make a complaint and where to get help, including support for someone who has been sexually assaulted or sexually harassed.

Incidents outside of university approved activities

If you have just been sexually assaulted or are in immediate danger, dial 000 (triple zero) and ask for Police. 

Sexual assault is a crime and support options are available through police and the legal system, but it is your decision to file a report with the police. Reporting may help you regain a sense of personal power and control and resolve any concerns about personal safety and security. Seek support from someone you trust. Even if you are not the victim, it can be useful to talk to counsellors to teach you skills on how to support someone who has been assaulted. 

Remember, sexual assault is never the fault of the victim.