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Decimals, ratios, percentages, units and scientific notation

Scientific notation

  • Used to express very small or large numbers.
  • Normally written as a number between \(0\) and \(10\) multiplied by a power of \(10\).

For example:

  • The braking stress of steel \(430\:000\:000~\mbox{Pa}\) can be written as: \[4.3\times 10^{8}\ \mbox{Pa}\]
  • The wavelength of red light \(0.000\:000\:644~\mbox{m}\) can be written as: \[6.44\times 10^{-7}~\mbox{m}\]
  • The mass of a virus:
    \[ 0.000\:000\:000\:000\:000\:000\:3~\mbox{kg}\] 
    can be written as: 
    \[3\times 10^{-19}~\mbox{kg}\]

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