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Statistics and statistical graphs

What are the terms used in Statistics

  • Variables are the characteristics, or measurements, which describe objects, for example, the gender or the height of the people.
  • Data collected as variables can be of different types:
    • Categorical variables are just labels for the different categories, for example gender, blood types, eye colour, country of birth;
    • Quantitative variables are variables which can be found by counting or measuring a quantity.
    • Quantitative variables can be either:
      • discrete (able to take only specific number values), for example number of people or number of trees in a paddock;
      • continuous (taking any value), for example height, temperature, money.
  • A collection of variables which describe the variation within a group (or collection) is termed a data set.
  • A statistical population is all possible values of the group (for example a census).
  • Generally we collect a random sample to make conclusions about the population.