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Graphing of Trigonometric Functions

Graphs of \(\sin x\), \(\cos x\) and \(\tan x\)

  • It is conventional to measure angles in radians.
  • Both the sine and cosine are periodic functions with \[\mbox{Period}=2 \pi\]
  • Range of the sine and cosine functions are \[ -1\leq\sin(x)\leq 1\quad\mbox{and}\quad-1\leq\cos(x)\leq 1 \]

  • The tangent function is a periodic function: Period \(=\pi\)
  • The range of the tangent function is \(-\infty< \tan (x) < \infty\)
  • The tangent function has vertical asymptotes when \[ x=\ldots,-\frac{3\pi}{2}, -\frac{\pi}{2}, \frac{\pi}{2}, \frac{3\pi}{2},\ldots \]