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The University’s Career Mentoring Program provides an opportunity for you to impart your knowledge and share your life experiences with a USQ student. As an Alumni Mentor, you will have walked the path of a student journey and understand the challenges and problems faced. Our mentoring program can be undertaken from anywhere in the world as contact can be made by phone, email, online chat or video conference. One of the great benefits our students appreciate is having a mentor nurture them to keep them on track.

Why become a mentor?

Mentoring relationships can be deeply satisfying, not only for the person being mentored, but for the mentor too. A mentor can provide an incomparable learning experience for their mentee by expanding awareness, insight and perspective in a professional context.

So what does it take to be a mentor? It requires that you be sincerely interested in the mentee’s growth. A good mentor will identify and empathise with people and is a good listener. You should share your experiences through appropriate stories, experiences and insights. Be open to sharing mistakes and failures too, as it will help your mentee face their own challenges and gain insight into building resilience. A mentoring relationship is a very personal one; you need to get to know your mentee well, identify their hopes and dreams, to help them in a way that meets their personal best interest. Whatever your reason for becoming a mentor, you will find helping others a rewarding and satisfying experience.

Career Mentoring at USQ

Career Mentoring assists students to prepare for their transition from university to employment. Students will be given opportunities to develop the tools, knowledge and networks necessary to achieve their career goals through a mentoring relationship.

The Career Mentoring Program aims to provide students with: 

  • a chance to enhance their personal development 
  • networking opportunities to enhance career progression 
  • opportunities to develop relationships with employers and industry 
  • assistance at the 'coal-face' to develop professional career goals 
  • opportunity to enhance future employability.

However, it is not designed to: 

  • provide students with assistance in completing studies 
  • guarantee students future employability 
  • identify students' goals.

Wherever possible, students are matched with a mentor who works in a similar field of study, with similar interests, and in a similar location. Depending upon the level of student interest, sometimes we are not able to match all registered mentors with a student, however, all efforts are made to do so.

Further information

For further information on the Career Mentoring Program or to register your interest, please contact Student Services.