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About the School of Creative Arts


To enable students and academics to engage and transform their world.


The School of Creative Arts is a community of committed scholars, researchers and creative artists in the Creative Arts fields who seek to lead, inspire and facilitate students in engaging their worlds and the contexts in which they live. We enable and encourage creative and informed student reflection, critique and the formation and production of students’ creative work. They develop their expertise and set up patterns of life-long curiosity, learning and transformative creative production.  

Our programs

Students actively engage in our academic community through direct and online participation. In our undergraduate degrees, they become emerging scholars and creative practitioners. Our post-graduate students achieve original research outcomes in partnership with their supervisors. Our programs enable graduates to contribute to their work places as transformative creative thinkers who make informed life-choices and ethical decisions. 

Our guarantee

Our academic staff are experts in their fields and are able to inspire others to learn through their passion, their abilities to communicate clearly and their skills in teaching online and face-to-face. The variety of our disciplines demonstrates a wide choice of majors and subjects as well as providing space for interdisciplinary and collaborative learning and research opportunities.