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About CMS

There is an increasing emphasis in the University system on the importance of using reliable, high quality information when making decisions. CMS is a multi dimensional business unit that aligns strategic decisions and knowledge using quality and assurance processes and tools. The principal function of the CMS office is to ensure robust evidence based processes when making important decisions.


CMS supports the University’s strategic objectives by:

  • building internal capacity to fund new initiatives
  • supporting innovation which leads to best business practice
  • providing dynamic leadership, innovative staffing initiatives and contemporary policies
  • managing CMS people and resources in an ever-changing world to ensure alignment with the University’s objectives
  • improving business intelligence capacity in support of strategic decision-making
  • building a service culture in support of core business developments
  • encouraging staff to strive for the highest possible professional standards in all that they do
  • provides a functional and services overview of how and where CMS data can be used to make informed decisions
  • Fraud and Corruption Reporting Hotline: Phone +61 07 4687 5859