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Quality Management

Quality is guided by the USQ Quality Management Policy which assures the alignment and integration of strategic and operational planning with evaluation, accreditation and review processes. At USQ, a Planning Framework and a Quality Management Framework have been established and are underpinned by the ADRI assessment matrix of Approach - Deploy - Results - Improve.

  • Approach aspect is what is proposed to be achieved, a statement of intent. In effect, the journey from organisational vision, mission and values statements to specific themes and strategies and how these will be achieved
  • Deploy aspect is how the ‘Approach’ is implemented and put into effect. Specific themes and strategies have actions applied to them in a planned sequence to realise the ‘Approach’
  • Results aspect considers the outcomes of the ‘Deployment’ to determine the success of the planned ‘Approach’
  • Improve aspect reviews the performance of the previous ‘Approach’ ‘Deploy’ ‘Results’ aspects and identifies potential improvements to the overall ‘Approach’, engaging a continuous organisational improvement cycle.

The Quality Management Framework provides structural management and support for quality issues and USQ organisational management systems.  It is designed to assist USQ in its drive towards sustainability and enables university staff, sections, teams and functions to contribute to the achievement of strategic priorities and to ongoing organisational improvement.