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File Sharing Amnesty

What is a file sharing amnesty?

Between 4 and 20 October 2021, USQ is running a file sharing amnesty. We are inviting students to reflect on their file sharing practices and educate you about the dangers of sharing your files online. We want to provide an opportunity for you to demonstrate your integrity and avoid penalties for uploading your notes if a collusion case is presented involving your material. 

How does it work?

Simply fill in this form and provide a screenshot of your takedown request or account closure. The Academic Integrity Unit will then review the information and add it to your record so if someone uses these notes in the future you will avoid an allegation of collusion for the specific files you have taken down.

Why is file sharing a problem?

You might not realise it, but by sharing your study notes and assignments online you are breaching academic integrity by not protecting your work and allowing it to potentially be misused by other students. Anything produced by USQ belongs to USQ so you are also breaching copyright laws by uploading assignment questions and material that has been prepared by staff. The easy way to avoid the consequences such as an academic misconduct allegation is to remove your work and not upload it in the future. 

Often students upload their work to these sites to access previous assignments or notes about the course. It is a much better idea to contact your course examiner who can provide suitable examples that your whole cohort can benefit from. If you are struggling your course material, your course examiner is your first point of contact For more general queries you can contact iconnect.