Alternate Context Professional Experience

Interested in experiencing living and teaching in a rural community, but not sure how to make this a reality? 

The Alternate Context Professional Experience Program intends to support students who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity (e.g. don’t live in rural/remote areas, have access to family or connections in these regions) to experience school placement in a rural setting. This is a limited opportunity to select a small group of quality pre-service teachers to participate in this program across two rural locations.

Applications have now closed for the late-January to early-February placement opportunity. 

  • Where? Primary school settings in Charleville and Roma
  • When? Late-January to early-February for 3 weeks 
  • Who? Primary pre-service teachers enrolled in EPP3100 as this experience is aligned with and counts towards the professional experience for this course
  • Funding? Students will have their travel and accommodation paid directly, with additional funds of approximately $1000 (to offset other related costs such as food or rent at their residential address).

In participating this program, you will be supported by a USQ academic at each location initially in person and then via virtual connections. A series of briefing meetings will be held in the lead up to the placement, which you will be required to attend (in person or via Zoom), and a debriefing session will be held afterwards to learn from your experiences.

Tania Leach

Ange Fitzgerald