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Your exam centre and timetable

Please note that end of semester paper exams have been replaced  with alternate forms of assessment in each of your relevant courses for Semester 1 2020 due to COVID-19.

These alternate forms of assessment do not require your physical attendance at a campus or examination centre and will not require you to access an exam timetable or change your exam centre.

For all information on end of semester assessment for Semester 1 2020 please see the Alternate assessment information for Semester 1 2020 page.


Accessing your timetable

Your exam timetable is available approximately six weeks before the start of each exam period. 

Find out how to access your exam timetable

It's important to check:

  • your exam centre is correct for each course
  • your exam dates and start times for each course
  • the exact location for the each exam.

Changing your exam centre

Exam centres are where you'll complete your formal examinations during your studies.

Students studying within Australia are required to travel up to 120 kms to an established University examination centre. Students studying overseas are required to travel up to 150 km to an established University examination centre. If you're enrolled on-campus, you're unable to change your exam centre.


If you're an online or external student, you can change your exam centre up to four weeks before the start of each exam period.

A list of common exam centres (PDF 82KB) is available, but subject to change. If you are unable to identify an appropriate exam centre please contact your Student Relationship Officer for assistance.

Once you have changed your exam centre, access your individual exam timetable for revised details and ensure your exam centre is now correct. Exam timetables are available to students 6-8 weeks prior to each exam period.