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Flexible Academic Calendar Project

USQ’s innovative, new, flexible Academic Calendar focuses on how students' lifestyles are changing and how students access learning in the 21st century.

Our goal is to provide our students and staff with more contemporary approaches to how we deliver our courses and programs.

USQ's new multi-layered Academic Calendar is evidenced based and future focused, and has now been approved by the Vice-Chancellor.

The model consists of four layers comprising trimesters, terms, blocks and a year-long option, with key alignment points across all layers throughout each calendar year. A semester transition layer is available as programs prepare to move into one of the four layers.

The new model contains all teaching periods within a single calendar year, between January and December. It will be implemented in a phased approach between January 2023 – January 2025.

2022 will be all about planning, prioritisation and systems changes. January 2023 will see all programs move into one of the five layers, including the temporary transition layer. By January 2025, all programs will have transitioned into either the trimesters, terms, blocks or year-long layer.

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Flexible Academic Calendar Project

More information can be found at the Academic Calendar project SharePoint site (authentication required).

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