Amendments and reporting


Researchers (staff and students) are required to obtain ethical approval before implementing any amendment to an approved project.

An amendment includes changes to:

  • project protocols and/or methodology
  • subject groups
  • participant information sheets, consent forms, letters of invitation
  • surveys/questionnaires or interview questions
  • personnel on the research team
  • any other amendment.

The researcher will need to fill out the relevant amendment form:


Progress and final reports

Progress reports on all ethically approved research are to be submitted to the Ethics Coordinator annually. The first progress report should be submitted 12 months after the date on which ethical approval was given. It is the responsibility of the researcher to forward on progress reports. Where a progress report is considered unsatisfactory and approval is not extended, the Chief Investigator is notified of the reasons for this decision and invited to respond to the comments.

A final report form on all research given ethical approval should be submitted to the Ethics Coordinator at completion of the research, and an include a copy of the final published results.

Progress and final reports are available: