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The University of Southern Queensland Animal Ethics Committee (USQ AEC) is established, and it operates in accordance with the Australian Code for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes, 8th edition, 2013
USQ AEC meeting dates

2021 Animal Ethics Committee submission and meeting dates

Submission of items to USQ AEC
Agenda items to USQ AEC USQ AEC meeting dates
Monday 25 January Thursday 28 January  Thursday 18 February 
Monday 22 March Thursday 25 March Thursday 15 April
Monday 17 May Thursday 20 May Thursday 10 June 
Monday 19 July Thursday 22 July Thursday 12 August 
Monday 13 September Thursday 16 September Thursday 7 October^
Monday 8 November Thursday 11 November Thursday 2 December

^ all teaching applications for semester one, 2022 must be submitted for review at 7 October 2022 USQ AEC meeting.

The USQ AEC has vacancies in the following member categories

Category Minimum criteria
 Category D 
  • not employed by or otherwise associated with USQ
  • never been involved in the use of animals for scientific or teaching activities, either in employment or beyond an undergraduate education
  • not fit the requirements for Category A – C membership