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Request for Exemption

Complete the request for exemption form and submit to the Ethics Office; if you answer YES to one or more of the following questions:

  1. Does the proposed activity only include the use of animal tissues from a dead animal (e.g. cadavers, tissue samples, bones, fluids, excreta)?
  2. Does the proposed activity only include the use of animals that are not legally defined in the state or territory in which the work will be undertaken, as animals (e.g. flies or other insects for scientific research)?
  3. Does the proposed activity only include work with animals conducted for a non-scientific purposes (e.g. wildlife displays at schools or livestock displays at agricultural shows, diagnosis by a veterinarian within routine veterinary practice)? Please note, teaching is considered a 'scientific purpose'.
  4. Does the proposed activity include non use of animals, with animals not being interfered with in any way (e.g. observing visually or photography, not including spotlighting, e.g. bird watching and whale watching from a public beach using the naked eye or binoculars) and no abnormal disruption of habitat (e.g. walking, remaining or driving in places to which people typically have that type of access such as, public or national parks, tracks, roadsides and farmland)? 

The Ethics Office will formally confirm whether your work is eligible for an exemption and confirm the outcome. If your work is not eligible, the Ethics Office will provide you with advice on the application and submission process.