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High Performance Computing

The USQ HPC facility is available for use by USQ researchers and postgraduate research students (through their supervisors). All access is subject to the conditions of use and other policies.

Account creation requests

The following information is required when requesting an account for HPC access:

  • full name
  • network log in
  • brief description: area of interest, and usage requirements
  • software
  • for research students their supervisor name.

You can request access to the HPC by either:

Information for external/ non-USQ users

Please email the HPC Account Request Form (PDF 262KB) to   

Getting started

Please note: USQ’s HPC facility is Linux based so therefore all logins, passwords and commands are case sensitive.

Once you have obtained an account, the only method available to connect to the HPC is to use a secure shell (ssh) client, no matter what operating system you are using.

Connecting to HPC from Linux

To connect to the HPC from a Linux based computer, open a terminal window and simply type ssh usqhpc and then press <ENTER>.

HPC’s login nodes: 

  1. hpc-login-prd-t1 or  // research HPC cluster
  2. hpc-Irn-prd-t1 or  // teaching HPC cluster

If you are connecting to the HPC for the first time you will be asked if you wish to save usqhpc's ssh identifying key, simply type in yes and press <ENTER>, and you won't be asked this question again. You will then be asked for your login/password details.

Connecting to HPC off-campus

Access to USQ's HPC from off-campus is available for staff and research students who are enrolled in a Research program via USQ's VPN service. Once connected to the VPN service, normal login and connection procedures can be used. Course based research students do not have access to VPN and need to request an account. This can be done by emailing the details below. Each request will be assessed on a case by case basis.

  • name
  • student number
  • supervisor
  • course
  • nature of Research
  • why VPN access is required.

Connecting to HPC from Windows

To connect to the HPC from a computer using Microsoft Windows requires the use of a SSH client, e.g. PuTTY.  Access further information about connecting to HPC (PDF 797KB)

Contact us

For support, please use USQHub Service Catalogue