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Fawkes HPC has:

29 compute nodes, along with one administration node, one login and a file server node. Each compute node has 2 x Intel ES- 2650v3 processors, with three memory configurations:

  • Standard computer nodes (24) has 128 GB of memory and 2 x 3TB disks
  • Large memory nodes (4) has 256 GB of memory and 2 x 3 TB disks
  • GPU computer node has 128GB of memory, 2 x 1TB disks and 2 x k80 GPus. 

The HPC has a total of 240TB raw capacity with 180TB of usable space in conjunction with a tape storage managed by DMF.  The HPC manages jobs by PBS Pro and the Operating System (RHEL 6.6) is provisioned with the SMC 3.x, in addition to GNU compilers, it has Intel compiler for C++ and Fortan.  There are a number of licensed software including but not limited to Matlab, Ansys and Comsol.

More information on Fawkes Cluster (PDF 370KB).