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Intellectual property

What is IP?

Intellectual Property (IP) is a way of describing every new idea your mind has. As a researcher, IP is central to everything you do, invent or create. IP doesn’t have to have a commercial application or potential to be important, as it is managed through research funding contracts and collaboration agreements. If IP is commercially valuable, it can be registered through a patent, a trademark, a design, or plant breeder’s rights. 

Who owns IP?

IP is owned by USQ according to the Intellectual Property Policy and Procedure. This means that USQ owns the IP generated by staff in the course of their employment. If USQ receives a commercial return as a result of the IP generated, the return is split by you, your business unit and the University.

IP generated by students is different in that students own the IP that they create while a student at USQ. However, there are some caveats to this. If a student wants to work on an industry-funded project or a project that has involvement from a commercial body, there will need to be an agreement regarding the IP that the student creates while working on this project. 

Further information 

To find out more about IP, view the Intellectual Property Policy and Procedure and IP Australia

If you have any enquiries, please contact the Office of Research at