Withdraw from your course

You are able to withdraw from courses without academic or financial penalty if you do so on, or prior to, the census date of each semester.

If you withdraw from courses after the census date but prior to the withdrawal date this will be without academic penalty, however you will still incur financial liability.

USQ recognises that occasions may arise in which you find it necessary to drop a course after the census date or withdrawal date. In such cases, the academic penalty may be waived and the fees reversed if the course is dropped for special circumstances including:

  • medical
  • family or personal
  • employment related
  • University or Partner error.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible to apply for a waiver of financial and/or academic penalties, you must have withdrawn from your course after the census date or withdrawal date or received a Fail grade. 

If you have successfully completed the course or received a temporary (incomplete) grade, you cannot apply for a reversal of fees or a remission of HELP debt. Receiving a fail grade indicates unsuccessful completion of the course requirements.

Applicants must demonstrate that they experienced compassionate and compelling circumstances which meet the following criteria:

  • are beyond the student's control
  • do not make their full impact until on, or after, the census date. Circumstances may occur:
    • on or after the census date
    • before the census date, but worsen after that day
    • before the census date, but the full effect or magnitude does not become apparent until on, or after, the census date.
  • made it impracticable for the person to complete the study requirements of the course.

A person is unable to complete the requirements for a course, for example, if they are unable to:

  • undertake the necessary private study required, or attend sufficient lectures or tutorials, or meet other compulsory attendance requirements in order to meet their compulsory course requirements
  • complete the required assessable work
  • sit the required examinations
  • complete any other course requirements because of their inability to meet the above.

Special circumstances do not include:

  • lack of knowledge or understanding of requirements
  • a person's incapacity to repay a HELP debt, as repayments are income contingent and the person can apply for a deferral of a compulsory repayment in certain circumstances
  • a decline in the student's financial situation where there are no other special circumstances present, which would be alleviated by fees being refunded.

A person cannot apply for a cancellation or refund of Student Amenities fees.