Feedback and informal complaints

Student experience feedback

Tell us about your experience. Is USQ meeting your expectations? Are there changes we can make to help you succeed? USQ values your feedback and appreciates the time and effort taken to let us know how we can improve your student experience. Let us know by emailing

Academic experience feedback

USQ strives to continuously improve the academic experience of students through a range of quality of assurance processes. These encompass the curriculum, assessment, learning and teaching, and, the learning environment.

The best way to provide constructive feedback about your course experience is via your course evaluation which you complete at the end of each semester via MyOpinion.

Your feedback helps us identify and address any obstacles in your learning environment.

Informal complaints

Many problems and issues occur through misunderstanding. In most cases, these can be resolved quickly and informally with the person concerned. USQ encourages you to try to resolve your problem or concern informally in the first instance. 

You may provide feedback, raise a concern or even give us a compliment at any time.