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Employee behaviour and conduct concerns

What is expected of USQ employees?

All USQ employees are obligated to adhere to the USQ Employee Code of Conduct Policy. This code covers the four fundamental ethical principles as set out in the Public Sector Ethics Act 1994. These principles are:

  • Commitment to the system of government (includes complying with the Law).
  • Integrity and impartiality (includes respect for persons, conflict of interest, personal relationships, privacy and confidentiality, receipt of benefits, external activities in the community etc).
  • Promoting the public good (includes carrying out of duties to high standards etc).
  • Accountability and transparency (includes duty of care, appropriate use of University resources, alcohol/drug abuse etc).

How to submit a complaint

If, after reviewing the Employee Code of Conduct Policy, you believe you should formally raise your concerns about the behaviour or conduct of a USQ employee to the University for review, please email