Regionally Speaking

Join Phoebe Tully as she interviews some of Australia’s most impressive entrepreneurs, all of whom have chosen to run their business and live their lives outside of major capital cities. In season one, Phoebe talks with product designers in Dubbo, art dealers in the Hunter Valley, publishers in Byron Bay – all people who prove that it is possible to run a company and live where you want. We’ll be looking at the challenges and advantages of regional living and learning how these entrepreneurs got started. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Episode 1: Karen Barnett, Montville Coffee 

Karen Barnett is the co-founder of Montville Coffee, a specialty coffee roaster based in the Sunshine Coast hinterlands. In addition to winning awards for their blends, Montville Coffee was the first Fairtrade and Organic coffee roasters in Queensland, and became a certified B Corp in 2016.

But as Karen will tell you, being a regional social enterprise and husband-and-wife team has not been a simple or easy journey. In this episode, we talk about finding your people, applying for grants, developing new products, and transparency in business.



2:10 Primary school educator to business start-up
3:30 Why start a Fairtrade coffee roasting business.
5:05 The first steps to starting Montville Coffee, and risk being part of an entrepreneur’s DNA
7:30 Being a husband and wife team
12:00 to 13:20 The Montville Coffee experience
13:20 Developing new products with the support of the Food and Agribusiness Network, 
Grow Coastal and government grants
21:20 Advice for fellow regional entrepreneurs
25:00 Third Party Certifications, such as B Corp, Certified Fairtrade and Certified Organic
30:05 The early days of starting Montville Coffee
34:25 Leadership and managing

Episode 2: Julia Spicer, Engage & Create Consulting

Julia Spicer of Engage & Create Consulting has been named as one of Australia’s most influential women by the Australian Financial Review. Her business, based in Goondiwindi, has been profitable from day one, and Julia is a passionate advocate for rural communities, especially women in business.

If you’re wondering about building networks and community, this is essential listening. Julia is one of the most well-connected people I know, and she lays it all out in this episode.

Episode 3: Jemima & Bede Aldridge, Saddler & Co

Jemima and Bede Aldridge founded Saddler & Co in Dubbo in 2014. Bede started his apprenticeship at the age of 14, opened his first workshop in 2010, making custom saddles from home until the business took a slight pivot. Jemima, who has a mind for a business and an eye for design, joined the business in 2014, and helped to grow Saddler & Co beyond the world of saddles and into a fully-fledged lifestyle brand.

Episode 4: Anna Battle, Shiny Happy Art

Anna Battle started her business 20 years ago, and it has taken many twists and turns since then to become Shiny Happy Art. In this episode Anna shares specific tools she uses to run her online business, as well as lessons she’s learned about goal setting, managing finances and making things work when circumstances out of your control force a pivot.


Episode 5: John Calabro, The View From Here

John Calabro owns The View From Here, a creative agency based in Traralgon in the LaTrobe Valley in the Gippsland region. John’s story will sound familiar to anyone who thought they’d never move back to their hometown… and then found that their priorities shifted, and they couldn’t imagine life differently. Building on a successful career as a graphic designer in Melbourne, John and his young family moved back to the Latrobe Valley to purchase their first home. As John started to build his roster of freelance clients, The View From Here was born and now employs eight full-time locals.



Episode 6: Helen Shadforth, Cheese Therapy

This episode will air soon.

Episode 7: Louise Bannister, Lunch Lady

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Episode 8: Michael Reid

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Episode 9: Raquelle Pedler, Resound Music Academy

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Episode 10: Luke Anear, SafetyCulture

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