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Mentoring Program Plans

2020 Industry Mentoring Program includes 10 program plans for participants to choose between: 

Option 1 – The Industry Mentoring Program

Time commitment: 1-week introduction, 6-week self-lead (but guidance available) 
Closing relationship time frames: Ability to close the relationship at any point or continue the mentoring relationship beyond the 6 weeks. 

This program will suit those whose discipline/industry is not covered in the other options, OR if you’d like to engage in a mentoring program which is more self-lead and focused on developing employability. In this program, we do provide minimal guidance for 6 weeks, however you are able to extend the dates or close the connection early. 

Options 2 – 10: Industry/Discipline specific mentoring program  

Time commitment: 1-week introduction, 3-weeks of provided activities, 4-weeks self-lead (but guidance available) 
Closing relationship time frames: Ability to close the relationship at any point after the initial four weeks or continue the mentoring relationship beyond the 8 weeks.  

We have created 9 discipline/industry specific programs. These programs run over 8 weeks and each have 2 stages. 

  • Stage 1 – Focuses on understanding employability for the specific industry/discipline. This stage provides specific tasks and activities for you and your mentoring partner to complete over 3 weeks (one simple task per week). 
  • At the completion of Stage 1 you can continue in the second stage of the program, alternatively you are able to close your connection at this time. 
  • Stage 2 – Focuses on developing employability which is more of a self-lead program. We do provide a list of topics you may like to discuss; however it is completely up to you and your mentoring partner and what goals you’ve set for the program. This stage guides you for a further 4 weeks, however you can continue your mentorship further or close your connection early.   

Mentors are asked that when selecting a discipline/industry specific program that they only select those that they have 2+ years’ experience in that industry. 

Option 2 - Industry Mentoring Program  - Agriculture & Environment
Option 3 - Industry Mentoring Program - Arts & Humanities
Option 4 - Industry Mentoring Program - Business & Management
Option 5 - Industry Mentoring Program - Education & Training
Option 6 - Industry Mentoring Program - Information Technology
Option 7 - Industry Mentoring Program - Law & Criminology
Option 8 - Industry Mentoring Program - Media & Communication
Option 9 - Industry Mentoring Program - Psychology & Human Services
Option 10 - Industry Mentoring Program - Science & Engineering

Making your choice 

You will select your preferred mentoring program/s when registering for the mentoring program (you can change your selections at any time). Your choice of program will be used as a guide when finding a mentoring match and when assigning the appropriate mentoring plan to your connection.