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Early Manual Grades Release Request

This offer is only available to a very small number of students each semester who satisfy all of the below requirements:

  1. enrolled in final semester
  2. have completed or are about to complete final placement, and are not enrolled in any other courses
  3. have evidence of a formal written offer of employment prior to the final day of teaching in your final enrolled semester

You are asked to agree to all of the following:


  • I acknowledge I am in the final enrolled semester of my academic program, and aware of the Results Release date (see Important Dates Calendar) for this semester.
  • I acknowledge I have completed my final placement to complete this semester, and have no other courses.
  • I acknowledge I would like to make an Early Manual Grade Release Request to accept a formal written offer of employment.
  • I acknowledge that an Early Manual Grade Release Request requires appropriate evidence before a request can be considered, and declare that the information and supporting documentation supplied (formal written offer of employment) is true and correct.  
    (Processing may take 5-10 business days from provision of your documentation)
  • I authorise USQ to obtain further verification of my supporting documentation if deemed necessary. (Please supply the name and direct contact details of the employer to ensure your request is not delayed i.e. phone, email address)

A request for Early Manual Grades Release cannot be made after the final day of teaching in your final enrolled semester as the normal grades process will be in progress, and take precedence. For Semester 1 2020, this deadline is Friday 5 June 2020.

Please make your request with accompanying documentation via xxxxxxx (link to the online form with additional space to elaborate at length)