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When does your graduation ceremony take place?

The semester in which you completed your studies (final semester) determines when your graduation ceremony will take place. Semester 3, 2020 and Semester 1, 2021 graduands, this is your opportunity to attend a ceremony. COVID impacted graduates from Semester 2, 2019 – Semester 2, 2020 who were unable to attend a ceremony in April 2021 are also invited to attend the August-September 2021 graduation ceremonies.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Please stay up to date with the latest government information for your home state, as well as Queensland where our graduation ceremonies will take place.

Rest assured, if you are unable to attend your ceremony due to COVID, and you advise us in writing in advance of the event via E:, any Ceremony Fee payment you may have made will be refunded, or the credit card charge reversed.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Sydney Tuesday 10 August 2021 graduation ceremony has been cancelled.

Graduates who have registered for this ceremony will be contacted directly with regards refunds & other ceremony options.

 Final semester  Scheduled graduation ceremony
 Semester 3, 2020  Aug-Sep 2021 - Toowoomba & Ipswich
 Semester 1, 2021  Aug-Sep 2021 - Toowoomba & Ipswich

Registration and payment deadlines:

  • Toowoomba – no later than midnight Wednesday 11 August 2021
  • Ipswich – no later than midnight Wednesday 15 September 2021

Guest tickets:

  • Toowoomba – up to (3) maximum regardless of age – free of charge
    (5.30pm Friday 27 August Doctoral only TMBA ceremony is limited to 5 guests)
  • Ipswich – up to (3) maximum regardless of age – free of charge