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My eQuals

What is My eQuals?

My eQuals is a joint initiative between Australian and New Zealand universities to develop a shared digital platform for the hosting and authentication of digital academic records, such as academic transcripts, testamurs and Australian Higher Education Graduation Statements (AHEGS).

There are benefits for students, and benefits for employers.

You can confidently access and share digital graduation documents in a secure online environment where you control who has access to view these documents. The security features of My eQuals ensure your information is kept safe.

These Australian and New Zealand Universities have committed to My eQuals and digital documents.

Your My eQuals login

A step-by-step guide is available

Who can get digital graduation documents?

All new graduates since S2 2017
  • within 72 hours of receiving your Congratulations Graduand! email, you'll automatically receive two emails to your UMail with links to access your free-of-charge digital Official Academic Transcript and free-of-charge digital Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) accessible via the secure My eQuals portal.
  • you'll automatically receive your free-of-charge digital testamur through My eQuals after conferral which takes place at your graduation ceremony, or if you didn't attend a ceremony, soon after the first ceremony of the season.

Most past graduates (alumni) can purchase digital graduation documents for a fee. Check and see if digital documents are available to you:

Document Available to graduates
Testamur From and inclusive of 1992
Official Academic Transcript
From and inclusive of 1992
AHEGS From and inclusive of S2, 2010

How much does it cost?

Document Digital document Print document
AUD60.00 (free for new graduands)
AUD120 plus*
Official Academic Transcript  AUD15.00 (free for new graduands) AUD25 plus*
AHEGS AUD15.00 (free for new graduands) AUD30 plus*
*AUD10 Australia Post (parcel not including a testamur), AUD15 Registered Post within Australia (parcel including a testamur), AUD30 International Courier.

Print Official Academic Transcripts and print AHEGS can be purchased online for a fee via UConnect > Student Centre > Online Request tile > Official Transcript/AHEGS.

My eQuals

Watch our video to learn about My eQuals.