Computer labs and etiquette

USQ has over 20 general purpose Windows computer labs throughout our campuses plus a 24hr lab at each campus.

Mac and Linux Labs are also available at USQ Toowoomba and USQ Springfield. If you are unable to access any of the computer labs, please contact Security

Where are the labs located?

USQ Toowoomba 

USQ Toowoomba offers Windows, Linux and Mac computer labs for students to use. Opening hours are 8.00am - 6.00pm (Monday to Friday). These are located at:

  • D112 and D113 (Linux)
  • D114 (Cisco Lab)
  • K301
  • L109 and L110
  • R301
  • Q251 (MAC)
  • Q247, Q248, Q253, and Q256
  • C305 (24 hours access) *

The  R101 24 hour computer lab has been relocated to C305 during the renovation of R Block

USQ Springfield 

USQ Springfield offers Windows, Linux and Mac computer labs for students to use. These are located at:

  • A106 (A1CL1)
  • A110A (24 hour access)
  • A115
  • A116 (24 hour access)
  • A408 (Dual boot windows/Linux and Cisco Lab)
  • A417 (MAC)
  • A513 (A5CL1)
  • A515 (A5CL2)
  • B130
  • B153 (Learning and Teaching Support)

USQ Ipswich 

USQ Ipswich offers Windows computer labs for students to use. These are located at:  

  • B366 (teaching lab)
  • H209, H216, H311, H315 - available when the Library is open
  • H208 – 24 hour access

Guidelines for acceptable use

These computers are made available for students to use for academic purposes, so please follow the below guidelines when using the University's computer equipment:

  • don't breach copyright regulations
  • don't play games on the computers
  • don't take food or drink into the laboratories
  • don't smoke in the laboratories
  • don't litter in the laboratories
  • don't make undue noise in the laboratories
  • don't disturb other users
  • don't use the on/off switch to reboot
  • don't let unauthorised users into the laboratory
  • don't provide access to unauthorised users
  • students with a booked time slot should first inform anyone occupying their booked PC that they have a valid booking
  • students who fail to vacate when requested will be subject to Student Discipline Policy for General Misconduct Policy and Procedure
  • students must adhere to the Acceptable use of ICT Resources Policy.

Reporting faults

If you discover any equipment with a fault, please report the fault so that it may be fixed, in person at the Student or ICT support desks, iConnect Concierge in Toowoomba or email to

Use legitimate software only

Unless otherwise stated, duplication of any software supplied by the University constitutes a breach of copyright regulations.

Illegal or swapped software (including DOS) may not work on our computers and could breach the Acceptable use of ICT resources Policy.  Programs can harbour viruses which infect computers, consequently destroying your files and those of subsequent users. 

Computer lab maintenance schedule

All computers in the labs have a security setting that re-boots the computer after 20 minutes of inactivity.  Even if you lock the computer it will still turn reboot after 20 minutes.  This action will remove any documents that are being worked on, or saved to the C drive. 

Additionally, the 24 hour computer lab has scheduled maintenance which is carried out between the hours of 12:00am (midnight) and 6:00am on a staggered schedule with half of the machines in each laboratory being carried out on Saturday night and the other half undertaken on Sunday night. 

If you are using a computer which is scheduled for maintenance at this time, a 5 minute warning notice will appear. Once the warning notice appears, you must save your work as the computer will be unavailable during the maintenance time frame.

All other general computer laboratories have a daily maintenance period between 12.00am (midnight) and 6.00am across all campuses.