Phoenix Award

Stand out with the Phoenix Award

“By participating in the Phoenix Award, I have discovered that I am more capable than I have given myself credit for. I have pushed past boundaries that would normally hold me back and by doing so I have received not only casual employment but made great friends and gained an amazing sense of pride, confidence and empowerment. Because of the Phoenix Award I feel I can achieve anything I put my mind to.” 
Rachael White

The Award is a great opportunity for you to engage in the full USQ experience. It is perfect for showing future employers exactly what you have learned and achieved outside of the classroom, developing your graduate skills and increasing your employability.

An easy to use system tracks the extra and co-curricular activities you complete while you study. When you finish the Award, you will receive a personalised certificate demonstrating the wide range of skills you’ve developed during your time at USQ.

The Award encourages you to step outside of your comfort zone, meet new people, discover opportunities, build your skillset and expand your knowledge


Start your journey to achieving the Phoenix Award.

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