Phoenix Award

Stand out with the Phoenix Award

Stand out with the Phoenix Award. The Award is a great opportunity for you to engage in the full USQ experience. It is perfect for showing future employers exactly what you have learned and achieved outside of the classroom, developing your graduate skills and increasing your employability.

An easy to use system tracks the extra and co-curricular activities you complete while you study. When you finish the Award, you will receive a personalised certificate demonstrating the wide range of skills you’ve developed during your time at USQ.

The Award encourages you to step outside of your comfort zone, meet new people, discover opportunities, build your skillset and expand your knowledge.

How the award works

  1. Register for the Phoenix Award
  2. Find and participate in activities that develop or demonstrate your graduate skills
  3. Complete a declaration for each activity
  4. Receive points per activity ranging from 2 to 300
  5. Reach a minimum of 1000 points (250 in each category)
  6. Continue with further activities or finalise award
  7. Receive formal recognition for activities completed

The Phoenix Award online portal is available 24/7 for you to submit activities, see upcoming activities, and check your points. 

Activity categories

  • Extra-curricular achievement – awards and qualifications in addition to your current USQ program.
  • Professional development – attendance and involvement in activities which develop or enhance your professional skills and career outcomes.
  • Contribution to the community – service based activities which provide benefit to the University and or wider communities.

You may be eligible to receive points for an activity if:

  1. the activity you have completed fits one of the above categories
  2. the activity is completed while you are actively enrolled in your current program
  3. the activity is not a direct requisite of your coursework
  4. you can demonstrate and justify (in your reflection) that the activity has developed, or allowed you to demonstrate your graduate skills.