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Chat with the Locals

Volunteer this Summer Holidays or Semester 3 at Chat with the Locals
19 DEC 2018
12.15 PM - 1.15 PM
Refectory, USQ Toowoomba
17 Dec
5.00 PM

Chat with the Locals provides students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds the opportunity to develop their English speaking skills and connect with students and staff. Everyone who participants are given a 'conversation starter' to help kick-start conversation.

Volunteering requires a time commitment of 1-2 hours.

Each volunteer will have at their table possibly three to four students to conduct conversations with. Each table will have some catering (cut sandwiches, fruit, juice, water) and some coffee and tea will be available as well.

After approximately 25 minutes of conversation I will be asking for all volunteers to move from their designated table to the next table, which will then give all students a chance to converse with different volunteers to finish off the last 25 minutes of the program. Basically one shift from one table to the next and then conduct conversations with your new group of students during the program.

Your time and effort will be gratefully received by students who struggle with speaking English and may find it difficult to build friendships due to a lack of confidence to speak English. Your assistance will go a long way in building student confidence to utilise and practice their English often in a much more consistent manner. I strongly encourage you to take this opportunity to provide well needed assistance to culturally and linguistically diverse students who will benefit by increasing their confidence and communication skills giving them a better chance to make new friends and improve academically.

Eligible for Phoenix Award points.