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GradFair - Live chat with employers

Live chat with employers from a range of organisations at their virtual booths.
21 MAR 2019
11.00 AM - 1.00 PM

When is the live chat? 

Live chat will be open from 11am  - 1pm on Thursday the 21 March during USQ's GradFair.

Who can you live chat with? 

Live chat with employer representatives who have a virtual booth at USQ's GradFair. The employer booths will open for viewing from 18 March. Take this opportunity to login, have a look at the organisations, their resources and opportunities to identify who you would like to chat with during the live chat session. 

How do you access the live chat?

By booking in for GradFair, you will be notified of when the official registrations open. Once you officially register, you will receive your login details for the online platform. 

During the live chat, you can login to the platform, visit the organisations' virtual booths and live chat (through messaging) to the organisational representatives manning that booth. 

What can you chat about?

Here you can introduce yourself and start a conversation to better your understanding of opportunities or organisation, the recruitment process and to highlight your motivation and interest in being a part of the company. 

If you're just starting your studies and not ready to apply for the positions that are available, this is the perfect chance to connect with these employers and ask what they look for in applicants. Use this opportunity to build these important connections and your understanding of what you can work towards during your studies to develop the desired skills, experience and qualities that employers seek. 

Put your best foot forward

On the morning of 21 March, the USQ Careers and Employability team will be presenting a webinar on Professional Communication. This presentation will provide you with some tips to communicating professionally, particularly for this Live Chat session with the Employers. Keep an eye out for the Conference Schedule released in March for further details.