USQ Ignition Alumni Entrepreneurship Series: Simon Playford

08 OCT 2020
4.30 PM - 5.30 PM

Simon Playford
Head of Bolter
Clifford Gouldson Lawyers

Simon Playford (2017 Bachelor of Law & Business) is a leading business lawyer with a passion for startups and new business. With his high energy and authenticity, Simon supports his clients in transforming their brilliant ideas into a booming business.

In 2020, Simon took the lead on Bolter, a startup law firm by Clifford Gouldson Lawyers. The firm’s vast expertise and unique culture was pooled together to produce a dedicated team to help, guide and advise startups and small businesses.

In this session, Simon will tell of his own intrapreneurial story, as well as some legal advice he thinks all entrepreneurs should know.

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