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Student Representative Committee

The Student Representative Committee (SRC) is a student group focused on coordinating a fantastic program of social events for USQ students each year and representing the student voice on the USQ Student Forum (allocation of the Student Amenities Fee). Becoming a member of the Student Representative Committees is a great way to gain practical skills within event and project management, risk management, communication and more.

'Taking on the role of SRC President was a massive step out of my comfort zone, but with the support of my fellow SRC members and Student Life, I have excelled in the role. I am now in my second term as President and have really found my confidence as a leader. Don't let fear hold you back, go for it, you can do it.'
Krystle, Scott, Ipswich SRC President

As a member of the SRC, you will join one of the largest student run groups at USQ, and work together with USQ to provide all students with additional engagement opportunities and fun activities on-campus and online. 

You will work together with your fellow students to create, organise and run extra-curricular events and activities for all students at USQ. Being on the SRC allows you to:

  • represent USQ students and ensures that they are part of the campus decision-making process
  • play an important part in the social activities of campus life, planning and promoting social and other events
Hear what some of our fantastic Student Representatives have to say about what it's like (Youtube, 2:02) and why you should get involved (YouTube, 1:26).
SRC logo

In addition to planning and running a whole suite of fun events and activities for your fellow students, you will gain a multitude of valuable skills and have access to a number of benefits including:

  • Develop your graduate skills
  • Develop and enhance your leadership and professional skills
  • Gain experience in event management and project management 
  • Build your confidence, communication and time management skills  
  • Receive formal recognition of your work
  • Have access to funded student leadership conferences around Australia
  • Receive formal training and professional development opportunities
  • Be provided with opportunities to meet new people and make lifelong friends

Being a Student Representative Committee member provides you with the opportunity to collaborate with students, staff and external organisations to create the best on-campus and online student experience possible!

If you are interested in coordinating fun events and activities on-campus and online, enhancing the student experience and developing your graduate skills, the Student Representative Committee positions are for you!

For more information about the Student Representative Committee roles, you can view the overarching Student Representative Committee position description.

The semester one nominations and elections round is now open for the Toowoomba, Springfield and Ipswich Student Representative Committees.
Nominations will close at 11.59pm on Friday 5 of March 2021.
Nominees must be currently enrolled students with a GPA of 4.0 and above unless your GPA is 0.00 due to research studies or this being your first semester of studies.  

To apply for one of the positions listed below, you will need to complete the online application form.  This nomination form is through the USQ Access portal and you can log in using your normal student log in details.

As part of your application form, you will need to write a small statement of interest, which in the event of an election will be published on the USQ electronic elections system for all students to view and vote on your nomination. As a result, this statement should inform your fellow students why you are applying for this role and why they should choose you for this role.

Other information to consider including in your statement could be:

  • Why you want to become a representative at USQ
  • What does being a student representative mean to you
  • What are some of your interests
  • What are some of your past experiences
  • Do you have any goals or intentions for the student representative role

Your nomination must also be endorsed by two currently enrolled students at USQ. To complete this section you must receive permission from two current students to support your nomination and you must include their details on your nomination form. When you submit your nomination, your supporting students will be contacted directly by email to confirm their support for your nomination.

The semester one nominations and elections round is now open for the Toowoomba, Springfield and Ipswich Student Representative Committees.

Nominations will close at 11.59pm on Friday 5 March 2021.

To apply for a position on one of the Student Representative Committees; Toowoomba, Springfield or Ipswich, you will need to complete the online application form.

When nominating for a position on the Student Representative Committee, your nomination will be allocated as a general member to your selected campus.

Upon successful nomination, you will then join the committee and vote internally with the team for your preferred position, which could include executive roles of:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

You can also nominate for specialised roles which could include:

  • Events representative
  • Social media representative
  • Sports representative
  • Clubs representative
  • International representative
  • Indigenous representative
  • Welfare representative
  • Environment representative
  • LGBTIQ+ representative

There are up to 20 positions available for students to join the SRC at each campus.

Apply now to be a part of campus life at USQ.


Position Representative
President SamuelWilliams
Vice-President & International and Events AhmadMohammad
Secretary &Events and Social Media GladysMathew
Treasurer &Clubs AsaBelley
International and Events AasthaPandey
General Member TimothyWhip

KeziahElsa John
International and Sports NirajGurung
International VamsiRam Musini

Online KatrinaKarpathios
Social Media and Events
Social Media, Sports and Clubs
Sport and Clubs
Welfare Representative AjayChaparala


Position Representative
President TylerBrennan
Secretary AnastasiaKoninina
Treasurer RosaStowers
Clubs JesseButtfield
Engineering and Spatial Science MichelleGovill
International Post-graduate NakulBhingarkar


Position Representative
President KrystleScott
Vice-President TanyaSmith
Secretary AthenaMejos
Treasurer CindyNguyen
General Member AndreaDrewery

International Representative YupikaGautam
LGBTIQ+ Representative TiarnBarton-Ilic
Mature Aged Representative KarenHawken
Social Media KrisyPodolak
Students with Disabilities Representative IlhaanAydid


Contact the Student Representative Committee

Fill in the contact form to provide the Student Representative Committee with any feedback you may have or to ask any questions.

You can also get involved with the SRC and learn about their upcoming events by visiting their Toowoomba, Springfield or Ipswich Facebook pages.